You Must Break Through a Barrier to Get to Truth

You must break through a barrier to get to the substance of anything or anyone. Standing around the outside of it will do no good, hanging at the boundary you never feel and see the truth of it or see it as it actually is.

Identifications and divisiveness create barriers; people create barriers to protect themselves and ironically create disturbance, separation and conflict. You will not see the real person on the outside of their masks and disguises.

The group is the focal point of identification. If you say you belong to a group, you are making yourself separate from those outside of the group and those from other groups. There’s no way around this, this is a fact. When you identify with country, gender, race or any other group, it is simply a way to divide; so it is destructive and also it is false. It is an image made up by the mind to feel safe; to have something to hold onto that seems eternal and real.

Wanting to be safe makes us not safe and being not safe makes us want to be safe. It’s a never-ending loop. This is why it is said that ignorance has no beginning but it has an end. You must end it. It ends when you see it for what it is.

misterguy11, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

Featured image: Sin Amigos, Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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