Truth is Right in Front of You

Direct perception, not mediated by thought, is direct action. Action and perception not disrupted by fear–which is thought and time, which is thinking rooted in psychological time–is direct and clear, whole, complete.

This direct perception, without time and thought, sees circumstances for what they are; it is not the acceptance of circumstances or the tolerance of circumstances, but seeing them as they are and for what they are; and this is not mitigated or disrupted by thought. The seeing of thought directly, and in a way not divided by thought, is action; seeing what is false or true, directly and wholly. This is brought about by discontent, and questioning of the conditioning that leads to the situation, the circumstances.

Direct perception without the interference of thought brings real tangible action in the real tangible world; because there is no separation of perception and action. It is a sudden leap. This action is not brought about by the ideas and thoughts implanted since childhood; and the direct perception of that conditioning is also action: Perception of the true and the false.

This means there is just action. There is no road to it, no method for it, and no doctrine to superimpose on it. It is clear, direct, whole and sane; not divided or distorted by thought. It is seeing everything inside and around you for what it is, every moment as it moves.

It is not discernment first and then action. It is action, direct and whole perception, and then clear discernment. And this action is true and undivided.

senshistock, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

senshistock, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

Featured image: xofox, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

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