Total Awareness is True Meditation

What is Comprehensive?

This is not a “how to” article. There is no “how to” in terms of the mind, there is only comprehension, examination, and understanding. But in that clarity of perception you will understand what is whole, what is health, what is sanity.

The meaning of the word comprehensive is the totality of something; something taken as a whole, not just a fragment of it. The root meaning of the word understand is to stand amidst something.

Understanding and Wholeness

To understand anything, any circumstance, your mind, your life, you must consider the whole thing, not be limited by the part. If you are to understand a human being, you must consider the whole human being, everything that brings him or her to where he or she is, and not just that limited part that fits into the scheme of things. To understand something, you cannot be separated from it, there cannot be a barrier which keeps you from seeing it directly. There cannot be contradiction.


Disintegration, Clarity, and Wholeness

The divergence, the contradiction, the barrier comes from thought. It is the gulf between what I am and what I should be; a fragmentation. The should be is the pattern.

When a person follows a pattern, there is always a contradiction; the pattern cannot be truth: Because what is, is not related to fixed thought.

Therefore, in day to day terms, if you are one way at work and another way at home, then there is contradiction, conflict, disorder: It is the difference between what is, what is in your heart, and the pattern you’ve forced yourself to follow. This is not to say to accept the circumstances. The contradiction might be revealing that the circumstances are wrong. But it is by directly seeing what is there, that you can see the falseness and destructiveness of the contradictions. For action to be true, it must be whole, not divided. This is not an ideal, this is direct perception.

So, if what you force yourself to do contradicts what you love to do, this is conflict and leads to deterioration.

Hypocrisy is contradiction, which means the mind is forced to wrestle with the conflict, which means there is no clarity or freedom, and the mind is worn down and eventually stops functioning correctly. Therefore, life must be whole, not fragmented; not one way in this field and another way in a different field. It’s when you see the contradictions that you change your mind, cut off the contradictions wherever they exist, and everything begins to change.

You know, in biology there is a phenomenon called the sport, which is a sudden and spontaneous deviation from the type. If you have a garden and have cultivated a particular species of flower, one morning you may find that something totally new has come out of that species. That new thing is called the sport. Being new it stands out, and the gardener takes a special interest in it. And life is like that. The moment you venture out, something takes place in you and about you. Life comes to your aid in various ways. You may not like the form in which it comes to you – it may be misery, struggle, starvation – but when you invite life, things begin to happen. But you see, we don’t want to invite life, we want to play a safe game; and those who play a safe game die very safely. Is that not so? – Jiddu Krishnamurti

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