The Self is the Embodiment of Fear

The Self is the embodiment of fear. It is the ego, the image, the image of what you should be; guilt, which is rooted in fear, is fear that action has not lived up to the image. The image is illusion, it’s what you think you are.

The image is idea, ideology, experience. It is the idea that you are something. It only exists in thought, which means it really does not exist. It is the security blanket, the feeling that you are something solid that will last. It is false and so is your fear.

Whole awareness sees what is, not what should be. In this whole awareness, the Self is not, the me and the mine are not. There is only direct perception of what is, there is only immovable attention. In this there is great compassion and intelligence, free of illusion and exists when there is no separation, no division, no you to separate you from what is.

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