The Mind and Society

One of the pressing and central issues that humanity seems to be constantly tackling is whether we can have a political or economic system that does not force a human being to destroy brain and body just to survive. As it is, we are generally forced to struggle, the mind is distorted by fear and this is primarily a result of our economic system which is rooted in struggle, status, domination and subordination, control and division.

It only takes a glance at this, especially if you are experiencing it, to see that it’s a torture to brain and body. Forced to get up and force the body to move and get ready, brave traffic, get to the job and then deal with the demeaning atmosphere where you are dominated, abused and forced to work no matter your condition. I’m afraid if you are very aware, all of this becomes painfully obvious. If you are aware enough, you simply can’t make yourself go through it.

But the question remains: Is there a political and economic system that does not make people break down brain and body but also is not tyrannical? I think we feel somewhere in our hearts that people ought to be cared for and shouldn’t have to break down their spirit just to survive. But in an effort to make things supposedly fair, we’ve in various forms introduced systems that are based in control. We seem to equate control with care. They are certainly two very different things.

We fail to introduce something truly based in care, and not control, because in our hearts we are still conditioned by ideas of struggle being good and control being necessary; we are even struggling moment to moment to control ourselves and our minds, absurdly pitting ourselves against ourselves in an inwardly tyrannical way. Our thinking is still rooted in division, ideas and ideals. So, we still address all of our problems from this essentially archaic way of doing things.

But the actual solution is not based in the old ways at all. The only way around this rut is clear, direct and whole perception of the problem that sees all the way through it and at every angle around it and that can see all of the implications of it.

I’m certain that if that was our approach, we’d have no one homeless in the streets and children would not die in war.

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