No Need for Patience When There is Care and Attention

Care and attention gets rid of the need for patience and any pretense of care and attention. When there is whole attention, which is affection and care, there is no division of the past, of pretense, of ideology and identity, and so all of your energy is collected and explosive and there is no need to try to be patient. Trying to be something you are not is pretense; because you are not the thing you try to be, but you have an image of it and project it; which creates conflict and distortion, which destroys true care and whole attention.

With this whole attention, you will see both what is true and false, what is bad for you and the other, and your action may not seem sensible to a divided mind, it nonetheless is sane because it is free of conflict, is direct and complete.

And this is love.

Featured image: windpacer04, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

windpacer04, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

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