Incorrect Thinking Creates Problems

The incorrect use of the mind, the wrong use of energy, creates problems. Worry, for instance, is false; this is hard to see – often hard to accept- but absolutely true. Worry is just thinking; thinking projected in time; it is thinking of something in the past and believing it applies now or, projecting into the future, thinking something will happen when it is impossible to discern whether it will happen or not. This thinking is really just fabrication, it is not real. But we believe it to be real and so we become frightened when we do it. And we believe that the worrying is actually doing something, accomplishing something; it also gives us some sense that we – meaning our ego – is there doing something. It gives us a sense of self, that we exist. In other words, it is the action – or false action – of the ego.

Thinking can be used correctly in such things as knowing how to get to the store, which street to use to get there, etc. However, the mind can be used incorrectly as in the way that it is used in the example of worrying above. What is happening now, what you are now, is truth, and thinking outside of that is false. To understand what is is to understand what is true and is not inside of the realm of time.

Fear is at the heart of incorrect thinking. Our fears are rooted in loss, the thought of loss. Our most gripping fear of loss is the thought of death; the ultimate loss. We fear losing someone or something, even ourselves. This is, again, thought projected in time. There is only what is, now.

Desire creates conflict inwardly, and this, again, is due to incorrect thinking, and is also related to not wanting to lose something or wanting to have and keep something. But desire is largely misunderstood. What you want is not wrong, and getting what you want is not wrong; neither is it wrong to want something. What creates the problem is the confusion that occurs in the mind due to desire and the projections in time which are false; it is the thinking of the past satisfaction, the desire to have it again that turns into inward antagonism – because you are thinking of having something but in reality do not have it. This often even leads to outward violence. The idea is not to repress desire but to understand inward conflict and incorrect thinking.

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Postponement in the mind is a way to avoid change, and is another way that we use the mind incorrectly. We will say, “I’ll change later, it will take time.” But in the meantime, we are still the same. So, change happens now.

It is often the case that the mind wanders off into this waste of energy, this false imagery, in the mind; when you see that the mind is doing this, you can then dissipate it and come back to now. But this happens naturally through direct and undivided observation and comprehension.

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