Identity and Ideology are Inherently False and Divisive

It is important to understand what is fundamental, what is true across the board. At the very roots of them, identity and ideology are false and divisive; products of thought, attempts to find security in the structures of thought, to feel the continuity of a “self” and it’s backup structure which can be called ideology.

Identity and ideology are false and divisive. They are purely the products of thought and cannot be applied to everything all the time; they are static, truth is dynamic.

Anything beginning from these falsehoods will be limited in what comes from them.

To say, “I am this”, immediately is to say, “You are that”; identity is “my group”, “your group”; this is me, that is you. It is inherently divisive and what you begin with, you will end with: Identity begins and ends with division, and therefore, confusion, conflict and violence.

In this, the whole cannot be seen, because it is fragmentary thought, looking at bits and pieces and not the whole.

Truth is never fragmentary, nor is it the reconciliation of divisions; ending division entirely is what bring wholeness, not the struggle to unite the divisions.

Understanding through direct and whole perception and comprehension that all identity and ideology are concoctions and separative by their natures, will bring about a change in vision and action.


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