How to Shut Down a Narcissist

It is an understatement to say that a narcissist is difficult to deal with. They will lay on the attacks, the demands and the manipulations pretty much constantly and it seems like an insurmountable goal to stop them. However, understanding the narcissist is key to understanding how to stop them. Here we will look at the techniques for stopping them related to their general approach to things.

Don’t Give Them Anything

It is the general mode of operation of a narcissist to always get what they want. They will demand, scheme, coerce just to get more and if they can, get more than you have. The obvious solution to this is to simply not give it to them. If they want an argument, and conflict is one of the main ways they both steal energy and get attention, then don’t argue with them; give them the silent treatment, joke about them when they try to argue, leave. Whatever it takes not to give them an inch, do it.

Find Their Weakness

Find out what they’re sensitive about and exploit it. This is basically beating them at their own game. They like to belittle you to build themselves up so find out how to knock them down. Imply they’re not as smart as they think they are, that they have some inadequacy, and find out what specifically they think they’re good at and find out how to make it look like they are less than superb at it. Be creative.

Expose Them

The narcissist often doesn’t like to be figured out. They are master manipulators and use such techniques as gaslighting to subdue you and damage you and control you. Let them know you’re on to them. But do it thoroughly. Really work it out in your mind everything they do and why. Then lay it all on them and watch them get confused because they’ve been found out. Of course, you run the risk of them not caring, but the point is to show them how weak they are. Use the other techniques in conjunction with this one if you must.

You might run the risk of exacerbating the problem by trying to stop the narcissist, but you might want to ask yourself what it is you have to lose. In fact, if you’ve got little left to lose, you might want to consider abandoning the narcissist altogether.



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