Gangstalking Tactics

Gang Stalking is a form of abuse perpetrated by a group on a lone victim. At work it’s been referred to as mobbing, in which the workplace bullies bully the victim into a state of defeat and torment forcing them out of employment or keeping them miserable on the job. At school, kids gather in cliques and torment their peers, beating them, verbally abusing them, spreading lies about them, and other such cruel things. Probably you experienced some form of it in your family. So, it’s not like no one has ever experienced or witnessed Gang Stalking. Most likely you’ve seen or been subjected to it since you were a kid. In this way, I’d like the term demystified. It’s an everyday occurrence. However, it can take extreme form among powerful people, as well as the lowly neighborhood bullies.

Here we will explore the whole gamut, and hopefully come to understand what is Gang Stalking and how to recognize it.


You arrive at work, everyone is looking at you funny. You can’t figure it out, but you feel uneasy. Someone doesn’t like you. They might be jealous. Maybe they’re just competitive. Maybe they feel you’re in the way, you’re looking too good and doing too much good, and it all just draws too much attention away from them. They’ve remedied this problem they have with you by spreading lies to your co-workers about you. And, now, they have allies. They’ve manufactured a problem, something to do with you, and have convinced your co-workers to be on their side in this battle. Now you have an uphill battle daily.

Well, spreading misinformation is nothing new. Governments do it, corporations do it, anyone thirsty for power and wanting to keep it will use this old trick. It can take down an enemy fairly effectively and quickly.

By OluGW (Own work) [CC BY-SA 4.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Stake Out

Now they have demonized you, convinced others to join forces against you, now they lay in wait. Intentionally, they follow you, appear at places you are, watch you or just make their presence known. It’s a subtle threat; and it plays tricks with your mind, you never know when you are going to be monitored and the fact that it’s happening at all is disturbing. People you’ve never met are now involved; they know your enemy but you don’t know them.

Of course, the gang keeps it subtle, so it’s hard to speak out against it or ask for help. This is the gang’s technique of making you appear crazy if you say anything about their activities.


They begin to make your activities difficult. Start a fight between you and your girlfriend by sending her false messages. Maybe they just walk in the middle of your activity so it slows it down. The point is to block you, put your life in disarray, divert you from what you need to do. It is done often enough to sabotage any plans.



The harassers might rearrange things where you live; you come home and find something isn’t where you left it. Your garbage cans outside keep coming up missing or misplaced.

There’s a bit of terror when you discover someone has been in your home and rearranged things. And that’s the idea: Gang Stalkers primarily attack the mind; in this way, they get off scot-free and the victim is left looking and feeling crazy.

Auditory Harassment

Perpetual noise. Sudden noises. Even low or high frequency electronic sound waves. Some of these can go undetected, some are obvious. It’s just another way to harass, and to harass insidiously.

What’s The Point?

I have tried to show in this article how Gang Stalking is not mysterious, but something that many of us have experienced at some point or another in our lives. I’ve also shown how it’s been in the news and even law enforcement is aware of it (in the video above). But I’ve also given some extreme examples, which do exist, though I realize are unbelievable to many people.

I think we ought to be hesitant to dismiss all claims of Gang Stalking. Sometimes when the warnings are not heeded, then results are tragic.

While we can never trust every single claim of Gang Stalking, or of anything for that matter, it is important to keep an open ear and clear mind and examine facts for ourselves and be open to countless possibilities. And that is the purpose of this exposition, to broaden awareness of this tragic phenomenon called Gang Stalking so that it might be recognized in any of its forms, from the most overt to the sneaky and almost undetectable. Hopefully this will be helpful to victims and the uninformed alike.

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