Ending Ego Fear: Responsibility, Mindfulness and Meditation

The word responsibility is often used to coerce people to conform to the economic, social, and cultural status quo. It is used to imply that those who are not responsible have not quite fallen in line with what they are supposed to do, in regard to what is respectable and acceptable. The word, in this sense, really just becomes manipulative. All meaning is lost.

Rarely, if ever, does anyone go into the true and deep meaning of the word.

Is conformity responsibility? When you rely on another, when you follow some set-in-stone ideas, are you responsible? Are you looking, seeing, examining for yourself or are you relinquishing your responsibility to do so by following the easy route of borrowing and imitating?


Responsibility, Perception, Action

Responsibility comes from the word response or to respond: Responsibility is to respond adequately to a challenge. It means to respond fully, not divisively, not from ideas, but directly.

The challenge is not so much what to do, but understanding what prevents an adequate response. Ideas, ideology, distorted and divided thinking, and all illusory image-making are diversions from, and obstructions to, direct and whole perception and action.

When one looks at a homeless person, for instance, does one look through the ideology of economic status and assumptions about social class, or does one look directly, wholly, at the problem, not according to ideas about people.

According to our assumptions within the structure of social class and economics, we must fear being homeless; and, indeed, homelessness is a horrific circumstance. According to our assumptions of class and the ideology of the economic structure which we support and follow, we believe in divisions and differences and punish those who fail to live up to certain standards of respectability within the economic order that we force each other to live in; and only those who cave into the pressure of that economic system are allowed to survive, have a home, and physical security; and then forever fear losing it.

Can someone be clear, whole, sane if living in fear? Is there a difference, actual divisions, between people fundamentally or are these divisions illusory creations of the mind brought about by fear and the urge for security? Have we, psychologically, turned the outward differences into inward illusory divisions based on static and unreasonable ideas which make it easier to dismiss the true problems we face?

When facing that problem of the homeless, or of nations at war, or other such issues, do we see the illusory nature of these divisions of nation and class, and that any structure rooted in this conflict which creates fear and distorts the mind, inevitably leads to destruction of the whole?

Because the problem is plain as day, right in front of us. No ideological justification will ever get rid of it. We must act.


Wholeness, Action, and Responsibility

Facts exist as they are and the deep, clear mind sees them and all of their wide and penetrating implications; problems aren’t dismissed by an adherence to conformity, fear, and coercion, all of which merely darken the mind and distort perception; but, instead, when one faces these problems directly, wholly, perceptively, sensitively to understand all of their implications, then one sees it through all the way to the ending of conflict and confusion: Human suffering in all its manifestations is the result of conflict and confusion, which is brought about by divisions, the following of idea and ideology, and conformity to an obviously destructive status quo. Freedom is in seeing it all directly, and not bound by ideas, and in one fell swoop, ending the conflict and chaos. A human being is the whole, creates the consciousness of humanity and, therefore, the life and world in which we live; this whole, direct seeing and transformation changes everything and is the basis for right action and true responsibility.


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