Conditioning Seems Impossible to Overcome

Conditioning seems impossible to overcome; the operative word here is “seems”. Conditioning is nothing more than repetition, something repeated in the mind that affects what you do and say and think. It’s a recording repeated, a recording of an event, of an experience, of something taught or said or done; something repeated enough times and imposed can cause deep conditioning.

Interesting that it seems impossible to overcome, since it is a mere recording, not even real. But lack of awareness of it can make it seem insurmountable. It is when you see what it actually is, fully, that it is resolved.

Because lack of awareness really is delusion. Something seems real that is really imaginary. If it still seems real it still appears to have an effect, it appears to have control, it seems to be a threat.

Torely, Flickr. Some rights reserved.

When traumatized, shocked, consistently, it is hard to imagine the trauma can end; in fact, it is mechanically repeated; conditioning is mechanical, an automatic response without any clear perception. This is the part of conditioning that makes it delusional; only a direct perception reveals what is real, what is true; a mechanical response operates on thought only, on what is recorded and imagined.

But a deep and spontaneous insight into the true nature of conditioning in the moment will reveal immediately it’s illusory quality, how it has operated on the mind from memory, from recording, from image, from delusion and mechanical reactions.

Featured image: Torley, Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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