Being Sensitive is Not Weak

The problem with being sensitive in a highly insensitive world is that the world is made for aggressive, competitive, self-interested people. Predators who are ignorant, self-centered, aggressive and insensitive target the sensitive and shy. They see sensitivity as a weakness and so smell their prey.

The highly sensitive person sees more, feels more, understands people, wants to help, does not think they are all in this for just themselves, because they don’t have a hardened barrier to make them think or feel otherwise.

happy children

The world destroys sensitive people and this fact is infuriating to the intelligent and sensitive when they catch on to the tragedy that the very people that could make this world a better place are trampled on and made bitter or withdrawn and can do little to change the situation, while those who don’t care, who beat down their supposed competition, are given positions of power and prestige.

It becomes the task of the highly sensitive person to see through the facade that is this world of conniving and ego, and break through to even more heightened sensitivity and indeed improve the lot of those who are sensitive and thereby improve the world for everyone, for they are best equipped with the sensitivity to do so.

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