Action and Conditioning

Conditioning creates the template, which is ingrained in us from what we are brought up to think and what we’ve inherited in our brains, both in the unconscious and conscious layers. We do not see reality as it is, but impose the template, the image, the idea, ideology, labels and identities; we respond mechanically, from conditioning, so never respond correctly at all. This creates a division and therefore a conflict. Therefore it is distorting and destructive.

The reason we are conditioned is because of the tendency to want to be influenced. Influence seems easier and safer. We’d rather be influenced than look directly. Mostly, we’d rather escape to what is safer, or seems safer. But the conflict and distortion remains, and so does the fact. The fact continues to want to move to the surface.

The act of seeing this conditioning for what it actually is, is not conditioning. This is why true action does not take time, does not allow thought to creep in and influence and distort perception. The action of seeing with full attention, ends conditioning, though it might take work to see through the conditioning as it arises; though, it is not struggle to see fully.

The action of direct perception without influence or conditioning is whole, is not conditioning, is direct action.

By 迷花不事君 ( [CC-BY-SA-2.5-cn (], via Wikimedia Commons

Featured image: Roger Ferland, Flickr. Some rights reserved.

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