A Person is a Culmination

PCT, fotocommunity. Some rights reserved.

PCT, fotocommunity. Some rights reserved.

A person is a culmination of factors that brought them to where they are when you meet them, the many influences of their experience. You can only understand  them by understanding the whole movement of their life and where it’s going: But you can see that when you see them now.

It is not according to your own experience and idiosyncrasies, ideas and standards, but according to who they actually are. We are not talking about possibilities now, only this culmination that you meet.

The possibility of going beyond that, of course, is there. But you must start with who they actually are now.

Of course, most people do not go beyond their experience. If they are dissatisfied with what it’s made them, they simply modify the form of themselves, vary it; but this never changes it fundamentally.

To change it fundamentally, you must fully understand what it is in a whole way. You must see all the way through it without trying to change it. The main problem people have with trying to change things is that they never want to understand it but, instead, immediately jump to solutions concerning what it should be. This is a diversion and not an understanding. You must remain in contact with anything to understand it.

And that very act is transforming.

By Erich Stüssi from van city, canada (050/365) [CC-BY-SA-2.0 (], via Wikimedia Commons

Image: elkipy27, deviantART. Some rights reserved.

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